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Meet Jobs

Parent Volunteer Positions

Competitive swimming requires considerable involvement from the parents to successfully run the SAL dual meets and to carry out the league and parent organization responsibilities. Each family is required to work at least six job slots during the season.

It is rare that a parent or guardian gets to sit back and enjoy watching a meet!

A brief description of each job follows:

Announcer: Announces the names of the participants in all the events to the spectators. Make other general announcements. Works closely with the Starter/Referee to control the pace of the meet.

Computer: (head table) Enters times on the computer; makes swimmer changes according to coaches change slips; prints out meet results for each team. Needs training.

Computer Entry: (head table) Enters times on the computer; makes swimmer changes according to coaches change slips; prints out meet results for each team. Needs training.

Deck Parents: supervises the younger swimmers and ensures they get to the lanes for their events and that they know what they need to swim.

Electronic Timing System: (head table) Run the computer which displays the time of each swimmer in each lane. Needs Training. Also called Colorado timer.

Head Timer: Provides backup for timing failures in any lane.

Lane Marshall: Stands behind assigned lane with a list of the swimmers for each event. Greets each swimmer when they arrive behind the lane and makes sure they get on the block at the correct time.

Lane Timer: Timing the swimmers. One person will handle the clip board and record the times.

Place Judge: Records the finishing order on place judge cards for each event.

Runner: Picks up the slips from the timers, the place judges, and the officials and delivers them to the scoring table.

Scoring Table: Verifies the time each swimmer as attained on the sheets. Verifies that the two place judges agree with the placing of the swimmers.

Snack Stand: Sells food and drinks at the snack stand to raise money for the team.

Starter: Requires training- Runs a meeting with all of the meet workers prior to the start of the meet to ensure everyone knows what needs to be done. Starts each event with the announcement of the age and stroke and the words "SWIMMERS TAKE YOUR MARK", pauses to make sure that all swimmers are motionless, and then gives an electronic sound or a blast of a whistle. He/She shall be the sole judge of false starts and the ensures that the meet is run in a fair manner with the assistance of the stroke and turn judges.

Stroke and Turn Judge: Requires training- They observe strokes, turns, and finishes to see that swimmers comply with requirements for that stroke.

Team Rep: Attend 3-4 league meetings (September, January, March) and report back to the coaches/staff. Create meet worker schedule.

50/50: Sells raffle tickets during the meet, has someone pick a winner, and asks the announcer to announce the winner. Gives 50% of the money to the winner and delivers the rest to the snack stand workers.

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