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USA Swimming

Like a “travel” team, the elite teams are for advanced swimmers who wish to raise their level of commitment to the sport. Elite team membership is by coaches’ invitation only after an evaluation is completed. The season for the elite teams run from October 2nd through JOs (first weekend in March.) Extended season through the third weekend in March (Silver Champs) will be available for a $75 fee. Group members ARE REQUIRED to join USA Swimming. Group members are expected to compete for the CORE Team at SAL Dual Meets as well as at least one USA meet. There are three components to belonging to this program-Attendance, Performance, and Attitude.

1. Attendance-Swimmers must make a minimum of three practices a week. When attending practices, swimmers must arrive early enough to be ready to begin swimming at the practice group’s start time.

2. Performance-Swimmers must show improvement in practice metrics and stroke skills over the course of the season. They are responsible for establishing reasonable seasonal goals and meet the coaches’ expectations.

3. Attitude-Swimmers AND Parents must adhere to a CORE Swim Team Code of Conduct. They must approach practice with a growth mindset and work hard at practice. They must help foster a team atmosphere.

Practice Groups

We have two Elite Groups based on age and training needs- Elite and HS Elite


9-10 year olds who can complete 8 x 50s @ one minute and Kick a 50 under one minute and ten seconds

11-12 year olds who can complete 5 x 100s @ 1:50 and kick 100 yards in two minutes and 30 seconds

13-14 year olds who can complete 5 x 100s @ 1:40 and kick a 100 under two minutes and ten seconds

*Additionally, all candidates must be legal in at least three strokes.

This group will have practice Monday thru Thursday from 7-8:30 PM (with the Senior group), Fridays from 5:30-7 PM, and Saturday mornings from 7-8:30 AM. There is a three day a week minimum attendance requirement.


Ninth through Twelfth grade swimmers who can hold 5 x 100s @ 1:40 and kick a 100 under two minutes and ten seconds. This Group will meet in the afternoons Monday thru Thursday tentatively from 4-5:30 PM, Fridays from 5:30-7 PM, and Saturdays from 7-8:30 AM. From October 2nd thru November 15th. From November 15th-February 9th, there is an optional practice offered on Saturdays from 7-8:30 AM. Members may rejoin the Elite team at the end of their HS season for a fee.


In addition to the SAL Dual meets, the elite teams will be competing in approximately three USA swim meets throughout the season. These meets are additional cost. Swimmers are responsible for the per event cost (~$5.00 per event) and a coaches’ Fee ($15 per session/day.) The goal is to qualify for Junior Olympics which is held the first weekend in March.

Time Standards

Senior Champs:

Junior Olympics:

Silver Champs:

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