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Spring / Summer Program

We are now ready to move into the spring/ summer program. We will begin tomorrow night (5/2/16). The first session is open to ALL High School, Senior and JUNIOR ELITE swimmers.
The second and third sessions are open to HS, and Seniors unless cleared by the coach. Please note each session will be at Carl Sandburg middle school.

Practice days and times will be as follows:
Session I-Open to all HS, Seniors, and Junior Elite-Emphasis- Drills from Clinic and Kick endurance
May 2, 2016-May 26, 2016 (4 weeks- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 5-6:30 PM)
Cost $120

Session II-Open to all HS,Seniors-Emphasis-Kick Speed and Swimming with Drill Reinforcement
May 31, 2016-June 16 (3 weeks-Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 4-5:15 PM)
Cost $100

Session III-Open to all HS, Senior-Emphasis on Kick and Sprint Training
June 20, 2016-July 22 (5 weeks-Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 6:30-8 AM)
Cost $ 150


Please fill one form out per athlete in your household.

More Information

Contact Director of Competitive Swimming, Brian Suter at

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